Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mousse of Strawberries with Lime and Ginger and their Pastries

Serves 3

For the mousse:
200-225g fresh strawberries
15g light brown sugar
1/2 teasp grated ginger
1/2 lime zest
1/3 lime juice (1/2 if not so juicy)
80ml whipping cream
1 teasp sugar (level)
1 egg white
a pinch of salt

For the pastries (enough for 4):
about 20X20cm of puff pastry
20g coarsely ground almonds
1/2 lime zest
1/2 teasp grated ginger
1 tablesp honey

Prepare the mousse: Blend the strawberries, light brown sugar, lime juice and zest, ginger, to a purée.
Whisk the cream until nearly firm but don't overdo it. Add a teaspoon sugar towards the end.
In a separate bowl, beat the egg white with a pinch of salt until firm.
Add the cream to the strawberry purée a little a time, and mix gently. Once incorporated, fold in the egg white in two or three times, keeping the mix light.
Divide the mousse among glasses, cover with cling film and let it set in the fridge for several hours.

Prepare the pastries: pre-heat the oven to 200degC. Mix the honey, ginger, lime zest and almond, and evenly baste the pastry square with this mixture. Cut out 4 strips and twist each one on itself, so that the filling is mostly on the inside.
Bake them until golden, for about 15min. The pastries can be made in advance, just slightly heat them up before serving.

Serve the mousse straight from the fridge with the heated pastries. Délicieux! (not because it's my own recipe...) :-))

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