Monday, August 03, 2009

Chocolate and Peanut Semifreddo

This recipe was adapted from Jamie's "Torrone and Chocolate Semifreddo and Rhubarb", by replacing the torrone with sugar coated peanuts. It makes a very good ice cream dessert combined with a sour fruit (like raspberry or rhubarb) sauce.

Serves 6

2 eggs
200ml double cream
25gr sugar
zest of 1 orange
pinch of salt
50gr dark chocolate, bashed up
50gr sugar coated peanuts, bashed up

Put a shallow-ish earthenware dish (or several small ones) into the freezer to chill.
To make the semifreddo you'll need three large bowls. Whisk the sugar and egg yolks in the largest one until pale, creamy and almost doubled in size (it will take about ten minutes, don't rush this important step).
In the second bowl, whisk the cream until you get soft peaks forming on the end of your whisk. Don't over-whip though, it's better loose than thick.
Whisk the egg whites and pinch of salt in the third bowl until you get very firm stiff peaks.
Add the cream to the the sugar and egg yolk mix, the orange zest, and gently fold in. Add the egg whites in 2-3 times, together with the chocolate and peanuts, and fold in very carefully.
Working quickly, scoop your semifreddo into the pre-frozen dish(es), and return it to the freezer as soon as you can. It will take at least 4 hours to freeze until firm, but you can make this dessert days (weeks?) in advance.
Take it out from the freezer and transfer to the fridge 15 minutes before serving.
Scoop and serve with a warm fruit sauce.

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