Thursday, November 15, 2007

Apple Chicken Green Curry

I would like to give this recipe its 2 stars already because I know it's a dynamite recipe, but let's follow the rule and wait until we have done it several times.

This curry was found (and cooked) by "contributor Pawawaw" on the webpage of a Japanese woman married to an American and living in India (Pumpkin in India). This was the second curry from her page that we tried and they were both delicious. What's more, it is simple and fast.

For 2-3 persons:

- 600gr chicken (preferably thighs)
- 1 tablespoon white wine
- about 350gr plain yoghurt
- 3 tablespoons cream (optional, we didn't add it)
- 1 apple (the sour type is fine)
- 1 clove garlic
- 1 teaspoon ginger (fresh or paste)
- 1 green chili (we used 1 teaspoon dried chili flakes instead)
- about 1 tablespoon fresh mint
- about 2 tablespoons fresh coriander
- 15-20cm negi or white part of a leek
- 1 teaspoon salt, pinch of pepper

Roughly chop the apple (peeled), garlic, chili, mint, coriander, negi or leek, and put in a blender. Add the yoghurt, cream (optional), ginger, salt, pepper, and blend everything.
Cut the chicken into bite-size chunks and brown them in a wok pan (or a deep pan) with a bit of vegetable oil, add white wine.
Add the blended ingredients and let it sizzle gently for about 20min. Occasionally give it a stir but don't put a lid on.
Serve with naan bread or toasted baguette.

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